Premium Firewood for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Wood is a natural, efficient, sustainable fuel for domestic fires. Hamman Landscape Supply carries firewood in bulk for fireplaces, bonfires, campfires, and outdoor fire pits and wood-burning stoves.

The key factors of good firewood are density and low moisture. Dense wood is harder and heavier, which allows it to burn longer and produce hotter coals. Low moisture in properly dried wood likewise contributes to a better burn; it also produces less smoke.

We offer two types of firewood for sale: oak and mixed hardwood.


As one of the longest- and hottest-burning firewoods, oak is popular with customers who use wood for heat, especially in fireplaces. It’s ideal for winter! It also can be used for fire pits, bonfires and campfires. While burning, oak produces an average amount of smoke and turns to coals upon dying down. Many people find its scent pleasing as well.

Mixed Hardwood

Mixed hardwood combines different types of wood with varying properties. Hamman’s mixed hardwood typically includes oak, cherry and walnut.

Cherry hardwood burns faster than oak and has a sweet smell when burning. Although it tends to spark more than oak, it generates little smoke. Some of our customers like to use it for cooking and smoking meat.

Easy to light, walnut produces blue flames and, like cherry hardwood, burns faster than oak.

Firewood for Sale: Dimensions

You can buy firewood from Hamman Landscape Supply in the following measurements:

  • rick – approx. 6’ long x 3’ high x 1.5’ deep (about 2/3 of a face cord)
  • half rick
  • cube

You can also request firewood delivery when you purchase at least a rick (not available for the half rick and cube). For an extra fee, we can stack your delivered firewood as well.

Start Stocking Up

We have the firewood in bulk you need for fireplaces, bonfires, campfires, and outdoor fire pits and wood-burning stoves. Visit our showroom or call us at (630) 898-5266 to further discuss our firewood for sale.

Firewood: Quick Tips

  • When you bring your firewood home or have it delivered, store it off the ground with exposure to wind and the sun so it has sufficient heat and airflow to stay dry.
  • Consider stacking your firewood in crisscrossing patterns for each level; this helps both keep the pile stable and allow more free movement of air.
  • Good storage for firewood is in a woodshed or a covered pile about 30’ feet away from your house.
  • One way to gauge if your firewood has reached a good moisture level for burning (about 15–20%) is to sight-check it for cracks at the ends of the logs.