More Landscape Supply for the Outdoor Space You Desire

Here at Hamman Landscape Supply, we love what we do because we know our time serving and supporting you will result in the outdoor design and decoration you wanted the most.

Beyond excellent choices of mulch, firewood and Unilock pavers, we offer you many other landscape supplies for shaping and beautifying your home and yard. From rock, gravel, sand, soil and dirt to decorative stones, you’ll find what you need for your inspired project.

Whenever you visit our showroom, you can browse and purchase additional landscape supply such as:

CA6 Gravel

Also known as road gravel (grade 8); Used as a base to compact.


CA7 Gravel

Crushed limestone without the fine. Coarse aggregate; allows drainage of water and foundation


River Rock

1.5″ stones; Used mainly for decoration.


Pea Gravel

3/8″ round; For decoration and drainage backfill


Screening (Aglime)

Dusty and soft; includes fines; Bedding for Unilock pavers



Fine aggregate; Bedding and leveling for Unilock pavers


Top Soil

Complete nutrients for plant growth and longevity; Base for sowing or layering grass seed


Mushroom Compost

Natural fertilizer for plant and flower growth; Helps reduce watering frequency by retaining more moisture


Garden Mix

Great for planting; Approx. 60% topsoil, 20% torpedo sand, 20% mushroom compost


Our Additional Landscape Supply Also Includes:

  • Sun and shade grass seed
  • Bails of straw
  • Fertilizer
  • Straw blankets
  • 4″ staples
  • Landscaping fabric

When you combine our expansive landscape supply with creative and knowledgeable consultation, you’re well on your way to the outdoor space you’ll enjoy both by yourself and with family and friends.

We also offer you free same- or next-day delivery (conditions and exclusions apply). You can take home free samples to ensure the right fit for your project as well.

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