Fine Mulch for Landscape Health and Beauty

Mulch is a material you spread or lay over the surface of soil to help it retain moisture, control weeds and keep the soil cool. Some mulch also can make soil more nutrient rich as it decomposes.

Beyond contributing to a healthier landscape, spreading mulch can add to visual style and appeal. Mulch is available in different colors and textures for enhancing the appearance of both your home and your landscape setting and theme.

Hamman Landscape Supply offers you three types of bulk mulch for beautifying and maintaining your landscape.

Premium Bark

Hamman’s most popular mulch, our 100% organic premium oak bark is triple processed for greater consistency and longevity. Its natural light-brown color adds attractive accents throughout your landscape, especially around trees and shrubs and in garden beds near walkways.

Red Deco

Made from recycled chipped wood, our red deco mulch features a vibrant red colorant for a striking look that lasts up to two years.

Brown Deco

Like red deco mulch, brown deco mulch is produced from recycled chipped wood. It also is dyed for visual appeal that lasts up to two years. Because of its rich color, many people refer to it as chocolate mulch.

You can purchase our mulch by the yard or the half-yard any time of year. Minimum orders of two yards qualify for mulch delivery. If you purchase four yards or more, we’ll deliver your mulch free depending on your location!

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Landscaping Mulch: Quick Tips

  • Layers of mulch should be thin enough to allow plant seedlings to grow through and develop a firm root system.
  • To prevent stems and bark from rotting, pull mulch 1 to 2 inches away from woody stems and tree trunks. 
  • Laying additional mulch in the summer can help retain moisture. 
  • Working organic mulches into the soil at season’s end can help improve it.